Rainbow bowls, 2022
The collection of rainbow bowls originated from the interest in merging the inaccuracy of hand drawing with almost flawless digital fabrication. The objects are hand drawn and then precisely remodelled into the form of 3d objects.
3d printed PLA
Vase Wave, 2022
Vase Wave was designed and produced for Contemporary Suvenir
– local shop with unique souvenirs. The object imitates the volatility of the water flow.
3d printed PLA
Luster, 2019
The lighting collection is the result of the 3d printing possibilities experiment. Flaws that differentiate physical prints from their digital models become an advantage, an essential element of the product. The lamps, that refer to the traditional chandeliers by the fallen layers of the material are printed in one piece.
3d printed ASA, lighting source
Ordinary things, 2018
The collection of common objects is produced using CNC milling machine from different tooling boards – materials mostly used to make models. However, this is not obvious, as different structures made by the milling tools and special flock and rubber finishes are used.
tooling boards, rubber paint, textile flock
Slovak Geo Awards, 2018
PET preforms are the most common geocaches in Slovakia these days. In this case, as the trophies, they are half-full of tiny plastic balls, that hide the label of the award while the trophy is in the standing position. Magical things happen when the trophy is moved and balls starts to roll / with Soňa Šeboková
PET preforms, plastic balls, tooling board
The Level, 2017
A table is a functional object based on a flat surface, that is considered level until it is a subject of a measurement. In our case, the frame is installed at a particular spot and the slab is produced afterwards. This making process results in the perfect level / by trivjednom
metal frame, levelling material
Variations of 'A', 2016
These various 'A' shaped awards were commissioned by Student Film Festival 'Áčko' – 'A' as the best grade referring to the best movies and also to the name of the festival.
tooling board, glossy paint, plexiglass
Donate Box, 2015
The interactive donation box was created for the Slovak National Gallery during a year of free admissions. The installation responds to the act of donating money – the one who contributes is floodlit and takes the centre stage.
wooden frame, plexiglass, spotlight
15 Minutes of Fame, 2014
The temporary light of this trophy symbolizes the temporary glory that every awarded person receives. 15 Minutes of Fame was commissioned by Bratislava Design Week for its annual prize-giving ceremony.
silicone, LEDs, batteries
1:1 Collection, 2013
To demonstrate the potential of the digital technologies, the miniatures from dolls' houses were collected, 3d scanned and cnc milled to a functional size in which the whimsicality of the misshapen mini-world is fully expressed.
extruded polystyrene, tooling boards, porcelain
Radical Infosystem, 2012
In order to make this radical info system, we spilled golden glitters in front of the every venue of Bratislava Design Week. The glitters were then spread around the city by rain, wind, shoes and vehicles and they created trails, all leading to the festival / by trivjednom
BaBear, 2010
The silicone bear is a souvenir from Bratislava that combines two typical objects from souvenir shops – a teddy-bear and an architectural miniature of the city. Bears are produced in various skin tones as they're dedicated to the tourists from around the world.
pigmented silicone
Silvia Sukopová (1988) is Bratislava-based independent designer. She graduated from the Academy of fine Arts and Design in 2013 and works on self-initiated projects and commissions, from objects to installations. In 2011, she co-founded studio 'trivjednom' with Lubica Segečová and Sylvia Jokelová.